Title Date
IFRS Convergence – Are You on Track? (1784 KB) Nov 2016
'You get heard if you participate' (1124 KB)
This article features ACCA’s interview with ASC Deputy Chairman, Nagaraj Sivaram, on the ASC’s accounting standard-setting process and the importance of stakeholder involvement in this standard-setting process. The article was previously published in the ACCA’s Accounting and Business Magazine January 2015 issue.
Mar 2015
Revenue recognition: At last, a common universal language for top line reporting (435 KB) Jul 2014
Lease accounting: Bygone days of off-balance sheet financing? (440 KB) Jul 2013

Publications - Research Reports

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Application of the Notion of Control in the Revenue Recognition Model

Research Report (66 KB)
ASC’s letter to IASB on research report (78 KB)
Independent review of research report (63 KB)

Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University Jan to Apr 2011
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